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Royal Icons

Iconage and more...
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A site for icons.

Mods & Makers:

[x] Toni - royalneptune
[x] Rach - armabee

The Rules:

[x] Absolutely NO HOTLINKING. I find out you've been doing this, I kick you from the community, got it? It eats my bandwith like a mofo.
[x] No claiming my icons are yours. I made them. I put the effort into them. Nooot yours.
[x] Credit if you like, I don't really care. Just don't say "I made this" and I don't give a shit if you put my name anywhere.
[x] I don't fill requests here. Make them at graphicsrus and ask for me. You must supply your own picture. I'm more then happy to fill requests. :D
[x] You may friend this community but Rach and I are the only ones with posting access.

Obey those and we're all cool kids. I'm a nice person. Don't give me a reason to be pissy and I WON'T be.

Royal Icons